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About Us

Bridgeton Police Department is the cornerstone of Bridgeton community, acting as a primary law enforcement agency in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Our mission is to provide a crime-free environment for our citizens, by enforcing laws, ordinances, and statutes. We’re dedicated to protecting human life and property, without disrespecting the constitutional rights and human dignity.

The biggest challenges which Bridgeton Police Department face on a daily basis puts a spotlight on the whole department, as well as individual officers. With 65 full-time officers, we’re constantly trying to maintain community life safe, protecting the community values in our day-to-day interactions. The relationship between our law enforcement organization and community members is essential in many ways. Without the interaction and involvement with the citizens, our actions wouldn’t be as successful as they are now.

We are honored to serve our community, to protect the values and constitutional rights of our citizens, and to share information about latest events and actions in our community. That way, we feel that we’re creating a stronger unit, which is capable of solving problems and obtaining a high-quality lifestyle within the community.