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When the need for emergent police, fire and ambulance response is necessary, DIAL 911.  When you call 911 in the City of Bridgeton, a 911 operator from the Cumberland County 911 Center will answer.    Most importantly, remain calm.  The 911 Operator will better help you if he or she is able to understand you and the request for emergency services.

    *    Examples for 911 police emergency services are:  A serious event that involves an immediate threat to person(s) or property, crimes in progress or about to occur, motor vehicle accident,  fights etc.

   *     Examples when to call 911 for an ambulance:  Medical emergency where your physician is not available and a scheduled visit can not wait,  physician can not immediately treat you and advises you to contact 911, delivery of a child etc.

    *    Examples when to call 911 for Fire Department:  Fire of a dwelling, vehicle, property, smell smoke in your residence, smoke detector sounding etc.

The above are just examples and not the rule.

When you dial 911, the operator is a trained telecommunications operator.  He or she, will ask you specific information related to your emergency.  While some questions may be obvious, the 911 Operator must obtain all pertinent information to properly dispatch personnel.  As you give your information to the Operator, your request for emergency assistance has already began.  Additional personnel are dispatching the appropriate agencies.

 Dial 911 by accident?

Please do not hang up!  Advise the 911 operator of the error.  If you do not stay on the phone and you receive a call from the 911 Center, DO NOT hang up again! The police WILL be dispatched to your address to verify that everything is okay.

Does Bridgeton Police have a non-emergency telephone number?

Yes.  Please call 856-451-0033 for assistance from our trained Telecommunication Operators.

Some examples when to call the non-emergency number.

    *    Reporting a crime when the suspect is no longer on scene.

    *    Your house or vehicle was broken into last night.

    *    Your neighbor is playing music too loud.

    *    You have an abandoned vehicle on your property.

    *    Landlord/Tennant disputes

    *    Annoying telephone calls

    *    Civil matters

If you are unsure if the call is emergent in nature, please dial 911.