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The highest drug crime cities in America in 2017

America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. America is one of those countries that are considered to be the developed countries. There is no doubt that America has developed a lot in the past few decades and it has made several technological improvements and the residents of America strictly follow all the basic rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, this most developed country is also not safe from criminal activities and criminals always find some new ways to perform their activities. The street crimes are a common issue in most cities of America. However, there are many cities in America where crime ratio is lower than many other cities but still, there are some cities that are affecting the reputation of this powerful country.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some top cities of United States where drug crimes are at a very high level. The government is trying its best to reduce these crimes but these criminals always find a new way to supply the drug. There is no doubt that the drug addiction is one of the major problems of the residents of United States. Therefore, there are many Inpatient and Outpatient rehabs working to help these people get rid of their addiction.

The rehabs are not the perfect solution to this problem. The security departments should try to destroy the roots of this disease so that the youngsters may stay safe from the addiction. However, here are the highest drug crime cities in America.

Chattanooga, TN

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Almost 175,000 people are residing in this city. This city is located along the Tennessee River. A recent report about this city has shown that around 8% residents of this city are suffering from drug addiction. This report has only mentioned those residents that are abusing prescription opioids while the illicit opioids are excluded from this list.

Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville is a very popular city of United States because there are many historical places located here. Fort Bragg is another major element that has made it become popular. The situation of this city is worse than the previous one because more 8.2% people in this city are abusing the opioid painkiller.


Milwaukee is also one of the top cities that have the higher drug crime rates as compared to others. There are many people that come to visit this beautiful city every year but the sad part of the story is that more than 8.3% residents of this city are suffering from drug addiction and this number is continuously growing. The government has taken strict actions in 2017 to stop this crime due to which many drug addicts and suppliers are now facing drug crime charges in Milwaukee. The government is trying its best to control the drug addiction in all the cities.