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The difference between law enforcement and policing

Citizens in New Jersey usually don’t make the difference between a law enforcement agency and police. To them, they all have the same task: to protect human lives and obtain a peaceful environment. However, the two represent rather different approaches to the same goal. In this article, we’ll tell you about where the two differ and why does it matter, hoping it will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from a law enforcement agency or police in New Jersey.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement agency is in charge of enforcing laws, with adherence to the rules and procedures. In reality, that means a law enforcement officer will follow the letter of the law, without taking into account the spirit of the law. Their duties cover issuing citations, making arrests and employing force where it’s required.

It’s an efficient method of maintaining the public safety because it requires obeying the laws. In case one fails to do that, he/she will face the consequences. However, law enforcement approach isn’t enough when it comes to crime responding, mostly because of its single plan.


Unlike the law enforcement concept, policing represents a holistic approach to the crime and order. In other words, policing is also focused on the cause of the criminal activity, as well as on the problem-solving part. Policing involves a lot of interaction with citizens of the community, to maintain the stability and fight the crimes effectively. There’s a lot more engaging within the community, since policing suggest voluntary adherence to the offense and justice.

What can you expect from a law enforcement agency?

law enforcement new jersey

With that being said, a law enforcement agency is based on a concept of obeying the rules and procedures of a given state. However, law enforcement agencies have turned their focus on closing the gap between the community and the organization. In that sense, the organizations rely on members of the community to solve crime-related issues and problems, preserving the public peace and community values. The goal of a law enforcement agency is to maintain safety across the community, which requires engaging policing with law enforcement concept.

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