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Locksmith techniques used by law enforcement

We all have seen in the movies that in case of any raid or operation, security forces try to enter into the place and the technique they use to enter the place is breaking the lock or the door.

There are lots of techniques that are used by the law enforcement agencies in order to enter into a building and catch the criminal red handed.


No matter what kind of lock is there but once you got a trick to open it, you can enter into the place. This method is used in some special cases when investigating agencies don’t have any knowledge about the case or when they need to hide to be a witness of the criminal.

People never come to know who is inside the home and how they get inside the place. With the help of a small stick like a pin, they hit right in the lock which hit the handle and opens the lock immediately.

When we are talking about the agencies, they teach their employees the way of dealing with these situations.


Bumping is a special kind of method in which any kind of lock can be opened easily. In this method, there is a key which is made up according to standard rules and the sharp edges of the key can get inside the lock and open it immediately.

By hitting the head of the key inside the lock, agencies open it right there. The manufacturers design the edges and points of the key keeping the shape of the locks in their minds. There are some other simple tools that can help open a lock easily.


These guns usually vibrate and known as vibration guns too. This gun gets applied to all the bottom pins in a manner that they fly to the top. This technique helps in creating the space between two pins and then the lock can be turned.

The snap guns have been made first for the law enforcement agencies who like to save their time. This snap gun was for the officers who can quickly open the lock without going into the details and without making the situation complicated.


This method is used to open the locks quickly and in this method, everything depends on the stump and the bolts. To use this method, you need to be a master in the skills and you should have enough knowledge about the locks and keys.

In most of the lever locks, it has been seen that anti picking notches are getting used. Things are getting advanced and every day you can discover something new out of the old techniques. Lever locks can be picked if you know the correct way of using it.