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Bridgeton Police Dept. Posts

Promotions at Bridgeton Police

On August 7, 2007, Chief Mark Ott presented to the public, city council and Mayor James Begley, Sgt. Dave Mander, Ptl. Michael Speranza and Ptl Jahaira Roman.  At the conclusion of this introduction, their status within the Bridgeton Police Department was changed.  Mayor Begley swore in Dave Mander as Lieutenant, Michael Speranza as Sergeant and Jahaira Roman as Sergeant.

Lieutenant David Mander is a 21 year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Lt. Mander has been married for (25) years with (3) sons.  During his career with this agency, Lt. Mander, was a Sergeant assigned to Uniformed Patrol Division.  He spent (2) tours assigned to the Training Unit ensuring that each officer within the agency receives their required as well as advanced training.    As a Patrolman, he was assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division.  Lt. Mander is currently assigned as a Watch Commander to the Uniformed Patrol Division.

Lt. Mander also oversees the Police Explorer Program under the direction of Chief Mark Ott.  This program is valuable in that it involves interaction with teenagers to young adults.  This program is under the Learning-for-Life a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.  It provides a positive environment for children seeking a future and remaining on the right side of the law as they are exposed to the everyday peer pressure.  As an example of the success of this program, many active police officers throughout the region are former police explorers.

Sgt. Michael Speranza is a (9) year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Sgt. M. Speranza is married with (2) children.  Sgt. M. Speranza spent (10) years with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office prior to being hired with Bridgeton City.  Since then, Sgt. M. Speranza has seen his fair share of assignments inclusive of the Uniformed Patrol Division, Community Policing Unit, Criminal Investigation Division as well as a subdivision of CID, the Forensic Unit.  Sgt. M. Speranza is a decorated officer within the Bridgeton Police Department having received the following ribbons:  Medal of Valor, Combat Cross, Life Saving, Exceptional Service, (2) Unit Citations, (2) Letters of Commendation and the Educational Ribbon.  Sgt. M. Speranza joins the supervisory staff along with his twin brother, Sgt. Thomas Speranza.  Sgt. M. Speranza is currently assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division 4th Platoon.

Sgt. Jahaira Roman is an (8) year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Sgt. J. Roman is single with (1) child.  Sgt. J. Roman brings several “firsts” with her as a Sergeant.  Sgt. J. Roman is the first Hispanic police officer and first female police officer to be promoted within the Bridgeton Police Department.  During her career with Bridgeton police, Sgt. Roman has been assigned to Patrol and most of her time was spent within the Criminal Investigative Division.  During that tour, Sgt. J. Roman was the Juvenile Officer specifically handling cases involving juveniles.  Sgt. Roman serves as a role model to all in the community proving what determination can achieve as a minority and a female.  Sgt. J. Roman is currently assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division 1st Platoon.

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Safe Streets Warrant Initiative

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week, the agencies listed below supplied personnel to join forces on the streets of Bridgeton targeting certain problem areas, targeted fugitives, gang related activity and narcotic related locations.

The initiative was the first of many designed to curtail that type of criminal activity within the city and exemplifies the commitment of local, county and state law enforcement agencies to combat the problems related to illegal drugs and gang presence in Bridgeton.

Two search warrants were executed Tuesday evening and one late Thursday night resulting in the arrest of six individuals on a variety of charges ranging from possession of controlled dangerous substances and possession of illegal handguns to possessing outstanding warrants.

Two handguns, .25 and .22 caliber, .32 caliber ammunition; more then four ounces of crack cocaine, marijuana, and Ecstasy pills were recovered during the two-day operation and another seven persons were arrested on outstanding warrants from the city and county courts.  More then $5,000.00 cash was also recovered.

Those arrested were:

  • Anthony Chatum, 20, Garfield Ave Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute (Crack Cocaine) Bail $150,000.00

  • Sherry Chatum, 41, Garfield Ave Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS (Crack Cocaine)

  • Lamar Hopson, 19, Grove St Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with the Intent to Distribute/Possession of a Handgun while in possession of  Narcotics/Receiving Stolen Property (Handgun) Bail $150,000.00

  • Saul Thompson, 20, Burlington Rd Bridgeton, NJ (Obstruction/Resisting Arrest)

  • Courtney Bartley Jr. 19, Longview Drive Fairfield Twsp, NJ (Possession of CDS Marijuana/Failure to appear) Bail $1,000.00

  • David Martinez, 34, N. Laurel St Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Marijuana)

  • Omar Baker, 35, Tipps Trailer Park, Fairfield Twsp, NJ (Failure to appear) Bail $500.00

  • Jermie Cheeks, 24, Terrace St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear/Possession of CDS/Marijuana) Bail $ NONE

  • Amber Dickerson, 23, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $525.00

  • Christopher Dickerson, 24, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $350.00

  • Raylissa Dickerson, 46, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute/Crack Cocaine)

  • George Davidson, 42, Steinfield Ave Pittsgrove Twsp, NJ (Failure to Appear 3cts) Bail $1,717.00

  • Paul Willoughby, 36, Stewart Lane Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear 2cts) Bail $1,689.00

  • Steven Gould, 33, Church St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $250.00 (Posted)

  • Kolleft Busby, 20, Marion St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $83.00

  • Jerome Forrest, 26, Meadow Dr Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute/Ecstasy/Failure to appear) Bail $20,000.00

The following Police Agencies participated in this effort and for that, we thank you all for an outstanding job!

New Jersey State Police – New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice – Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office – Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Vineland Police – Millville Police – Bridgeton Police

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