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The highest drug crime cities in America in 2017

America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. America is one of those countries that are considered to be the developed countries. There is no doubt that America has developed a lot in the past few decades and it has made several technological improvements and the residents of America strictly follow all the basic rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, this most developed country is also not safe from criminal activities and criminals always find some new ways to perform their activities. The street crimes are a common issue in most cities of America. However, there are many cities in America where crime ratio is lower than many other cities but still, there are some cities that are affecting the reputation of this powerful country.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some top cities of United States where drug crimes are at a very high level. The government is trying its best to reduce these crimes but these criminals always find a new way to supply the drug. There is no doubt that the drug addiction is one of the major problems of the residents of United States. Therefore, there are many Inpatient and Outpatient rehabs working to help these people get rid of their addiction.

The rehabs are not the perfect solution to this problem. The security departments should try to destroy the roots of this disease so that the youngsters may stay safe from the addiction. However, here are the highest drug crime cities in America.

Chattanooga, TN

It is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. Almost 175,000 people are residing in this city. This city is located along the Tennessee River. A recent report about this city has shown that around 8% residents of this city are suffering from drug addiction. This report has only mentioned those residents that are abusing prescription opioids while the illicit opioids are excluded from this list.

Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville is a very popular city of United States because there are many historical places located here. Fort Bragg is another major element that has made it become popular. The situation of this city is worse than the previous one because more 8.2% people in this city are abusing the opioid painkiller.


Milwaukee is also one of the top cities that have the higher drug crime rates as compared to others. There are many people that come to visit this beautiful city every year but the sad part of the story is that more than 8.3% residents of this city are suffering from drug addiction and this number is continuously growing. The government has taken strict actions in 2017 to stop this crime due to which many drug addicts and suppliers are now facing drug crime charges in Milwaukee. The government is trying its best to control the drug addiction in all the cities.

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Tips on improving the traffic safety in Bridgeton, NJ

The Bridgeton is one of the most populated cities in the world because of the historical places and several other things. The residents and visitors have to face some traffic issues in this beautiful city due to the huge amount of vehicles running on the roads. The authorities are trying to bring some improvement by introducing some new rules and regulations but there are still some areas that require some attention.

The population and huge amount of traffic is not the only reason behind traffic issues but there are several other problems that are putting the traffic safety at risk in Bridgeton, NJ. In this article, we’re going to talk about some issues that need to be addressed for improving the traffic safety in Bridgeton. All the developed countries are using some authorized ways to maintain the traffic safety in their country so, the Bridgeton authorities must start following these steps as soon as possible.

The Age Limit

The Age Limit for getting a driving license in Bridgeton is 18 years which is one of the major reasons behind traffic accidents. The youngsters like to make several moves with their cars which may put the life of other riders at risk. The age limit for obtaining a driving license should be 21 years in Bridgeton. There are many other developed countries that follow the same restriction while issuing a license. This helps avoid the major accidents and several other problems.

Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras should be installed on all the major roads of Bridgeton. The over speeding is another major issue that is putting the traffic safety at a greater risk. The wardens are appointed on all the major roads but they can’t chase every over speeding car. The speed cameras will make things easier for you and they’ll track the speed of every car and the automatic fine receipt would be sent to the owner of the car with complete proof.

This will help control several traffic issues and the drivers will also keep an eye on their speed all the time.

Drink n drive

The drink and drive cases are very common in the Bridgeton and the relevant department is trying to control this problem with all possible attempts. The best way to control this problem is to put a heavy fine on such drivers. The drivers will stay alert all the time and they won’t commit such a mistake again. The drink and drive situation can put the lives of many others at a risk, therefore, it needs to be controlled as soon as possible. The Field Sobriety Tests In California is the best example of taking control over the drink and drive cases.

Proper Guidance

The authorities should provide proper guidance to the drivers before issuing a license. The drivers must pass a test for getting the license where they’ll answer all the important questions that are essential for road safety. These basic and useful attempts will help improve the traffic situation in Bridgeton.

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Cop games that can be played for free

Cop games mostly become popular amongst youngsters because youngsters are always willing to deal with the situations that cops have to deal with. Being a cop is full of responsibilities and you need to be mature enough to jump into this field. Bravery is a characteristic that needs to be in every cop.

Fortunately, youngsters who don’t want to choose this field as their career but still want to experience the situations that cops deal with have different options to find a solution for this craze. Police department sometimes offer drills for such youngsters to let them participate in the situations that cops deal with.

Another way these youngsters can use to fulfill their desire is playing cop games. There are different cop games available these days that youngsters can play. Some of these games are available online such as friv gratis games that youngsters can play for free while there are other paid games that youngsters can install into their computer and play whenever they want.

Today we’re going to talk about the free cop games that you can play on for free.

Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Cop 2 also known as v-cop 2 is the most popular game amongst cop games that youngsters can play in their free time. This game came into existence in the early 90s and went viral among youngsters. Gamers used to spare their time, especially for this game. There are two different modes in this game.

People usually love playing the Arcade mode because it allows them to save the citizens from different situations. You have to deal with the robbers in this game and you also fight with terrorists and goons. You need to be very careful when shooting the criminals because most of the times civilians also appear up instantly and you mistakenly shoot them instead of criminals due to which you lose a life.

This is completely fun to play as it enables you to fight with the criminals in different locations such as bank, yards, ships, planes, and trains etc. You need to keep your focus on the screen all the time because every single moment a criminal appears in front of you. The best thing about this game is that it allows you to target the opponent easily.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

If you’re a young driver and love breaking rules, then this game is a perfect option for you. It has some touch of the street racing where you have to compete with other racers to beat them but the most favorite part is that cops are also there to stop you from over speeding and this where the fun begins.

Dodging the cops and reaching the destination before your competitors are the only way to winning the game. Different racing styles like drifting and floating are also involved in this game that makes it more fun for you. The graphics quality of this game is amazing. You’re definitely going to love this game.

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Locksmith techniques used by law enforcement

We all have seen in the movies that in case of any raid or operation, security forces try to enter into the place and the technique they use to enter the place is breaking the lock or the door.

There are lots of techniques that are used by the law enforcement agencies in order to enter into a building and catch the criminal red handed. Check out these locksmith techniques by DML Locksmiths that law enforcement departments use to enter into a building.


No matter what kind of lock is there but once you got a trick to open it, you can enter into the place. This method is used in some special cases when investigating agencies don’t have any knowledge about the case or when they need to hide to be a witness of the criminal.

People never come to know who is inside the home and how they get inside the place. With the help of a small stick like a pin, they hit right in the lock which hit the handle and opens the lock immediately.

When we are talking about the agencies, they teach their employees the way of dealing with these situations.


Bumping is a special kind of method in which any kind of lock can be opened easily. In this method, there is a key which is made up according to standard rules and the sharp edges of the key can get inside the lock and open it immediately.

By hitting the head of the key inside the lock, agencies open it right there. The manufacturers design the edges and points of the key keeping the shape of the locks in their minds. There are some other simple tools that can help open a lock easily.


These guns usually vibrate and known as vibration guns too. This gun gets applied to all the bottom pins in a manner that they fly to the top. This technique helps in creating the space between two pins and then the lock can be turned.

The snap guns have been made first for the law enforcement agencies who like to save their time. This snap gun was for the officers who can quickly open the lock without going into the details and without making the situation complicated.


This method is used to open the locks quickly and in this method, everything depends on the stump and the bolts. To use this method, you need to be a master in the skills and you should have enough knowledge about the locks and keys.

In most of the lever locks, it has been seen that anti picking notches are getting used. Things are getting advanced and every day you can discover something new out of the old techniques. Lever locks can be picked if you know the correct way of using it.

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The role of private investigators in local communities

Private Investigators can be helpful to the local communities in many ways. Although they’re not directly involved in the law enforcement segment of the community, their help is needed in situations where law enforcement reaches their boundaries.

How can a private investigator help the local community? Read in this post.

What does a private investigator do?

A private investigator or a private eye is a person specialized in investigatory law services. Any time an individual or a company runs into a legal issue that needs an investigation, they call up the private investigator.Private Investigators

Just to be clear – a private investigator is not working on the other side of the law. He is a trained professional that has access to techniques used to gather the relevant information for their clients.

Interestingly, a private investigator often performs investigations for services and activities that are rarely familiar to the general public. That’s why their work is praised by the members of the local community: they can easily “sneak in” and go unnoticed.

How to choose a private investigator?

Picking a private investigator in the local community isn’t an easy task. Although you might think that the title of PI is the only thing that’ll cut it off, you should think twice. Go through our list of essentials that any private investigator has to have before you hire one.

# License

This is really the basics: do not hire a PI that has no record to confirm his expertise. A licensed PI won’t be afraid to show his credentials, so make sure you ask him about one before you get into more details with him.

# Clean Records

If someone submitted a complaint or a legal charge for a specific PI, that should be a sign to move on and choose another one. A good PI needs to have his records clean. The nature of his profession requires a person with the impecable quality of services, a good moral, and honesty.

# Reputation

Having a good reputation is important for many businesses, but essential to the PI. Law enforcement officers, detectives, lawyers, and FBI agents should be the primary referrals to the specific PI. If you have the chance to ask around, do it – a good reputation on someone credible will help you to make your decision.

What can a private investigator do for the community?

Private investigators are needed in dealing with serious legal or criminal situations that cannot be handled by the local law enforcement officers and specialists. Most PI’s offer the following services:

  • Finding missing persons
  • Surveillance
  • Background checks
  • Infidelity
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Child custody

Depending on your needs, a private investigator may also help you with cases of online dating (identity check or confirmation) or in the case of the divorce (acting as the support). His job is to find and organize all the information that will be handed to you directly, or to a law enforcement officer in charge of the case. In either way, the role of a private eye is the vital link in providing security for the local community.

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Promotions at Bridgeton Police

On August 7, 2007, Chief Mark Ott presented to the public, city council and Mayor James Begley, Sgt. Dave Mander, Ptl. Michael Speranza and Ptl Jahaira Roman.  At the conclusion of this introduction, their status within the Bridgeton Police Department was changed.  Mayor Begley swore in Dave Mander as Lieutenant, Michael Speranza as Sergeant and Jahaira Roman as Sergeant.

Lieutenant David Mander is a 21 year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Lt. Mander has been married for (25) years with (3) sons.  During his career with this agency, Lt. Mander, was a Sergeant assigned to Uniformed Patrol Division.  He spent (2) tours assigned to the Training Unit ensuring that each officer within the agency receives their required as well as advanced training.    As a Patrolman, he was assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division.  Lt. Mander is currently assigned as a Watch Commander to the Uniformed Patrol Division.

Lt. Mander also oversees the Police Explorer Program under the direction of Chief Mark Ott.  This program is valuable in that it involves interaction with teenagers to young adults.  This program is under the Learning-for-Life a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.  It provides a positive environment for children seeking a future and remaining on the right side of the law as they are exposed to the everyday peer pressure.  As an example of the success of this program, many active police officers throughout the region are former police explorers.

Sgt. Michael Speranza is a (9) year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Sgt. M. Speranza is married with (2) children.  Sgt. M. Speranza spent (10) years with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office prior to being hired with Bridgeton City.  Since then, Sgt. M. Speranza has seen his fair share of assignments inclusive of the Uniformed Patrol Division, Community Policing Unit, Criminal Investigation Division as well as a subdivision of CID, the Forensic Unit.  Sgt. M. Speranza is a decorated officer within the Bridgeton Police Department having received the following ribbons:  Medal of Valor, Combat Cross, Life Saving, Exceptional Service, (2) Unit Citations, (2) Letters of Commendation and the Educational Ribbon.  Sgt. M. Speranza joins the supervisory staff along with his twin brother, Sgt. Thomas Speranza.  Sgt. M. Speranza is currently assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division 4th Platoon.

Sgt. Jahaira Roman is an (8) year veteran of the Bridgeton Police Department.  Sgt. J. Roman is single with (1) child.  Sgt. J. Roman brings several “firsts” with her as a Sergeant.  Sgt. J. Roman is the first Hispanic police officer and first female police officer to be promoted within the Bridgeton Police Department.  During her career with Bridgeton police, Sgt. Roman has been assigned to Patrol and most of her time was spent within the Criminal Investigative Division.  During that tour, Sgt. J. Roman was the Juvenile Officer specifically handling cases involving juveniles.  Sgt. Roman serves as a role model to all in the community proving what determination can achieve as a minority and a female.  Sgt. J. Roman is currently assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division 1st Platoon.

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Safe Streets Warrant Initiative

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week, the agencies listed below supplied personnel to join forces on the streets of Bridgeton targeting certain problem areas, targeted fugitives, gang related activity and narcotic related locations.

The initiative was the first of many designed to curtail that type of criminal activity within the city and exemplifies the commitment of local, county and state law enforcement agencies to combat the problems related to illegal drugs and gang presence in Bridgeton.

Two search warrants were executed Tuesday evening and one late Thursday night resulting in the arrest of six individuals on a variety of charges ranging from possession of controlled dangerous substances and possession of illegal handguns to possessing outstanding warrants.

Two handguns, .25 and .22 caliber, .32 caliber ammunition; more then four ounces of crack cocaine, marijuana, and Ecstasy pills were recovered during the two-day operation and another seven persons were arrested on outstanding warrants from the city and county courts.  More then $5,000.00 cash was also recovered.

Those arrested were:

  • Anthony Chatum, 20, Garfield Ave Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute (Crack Cocaine) Bail $150,000.00

  • Sherry Chatum, 41, Garfield Ave Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS (Crack Cocaine)

  • Lamar Hopson, 19, Grove St Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with the Intent to Distribute/Possession of a Handgun while in possession of  Narcotics/Receiving Stolen Property (Handgun) Bail $150,000.00

  • Saul Thompson, 20, Burlington Rd Bridgeton, NJ (Obstruction/Resisting Arrest)

  • Courtney Bartley Jr. 19, Longview Drive Fairfield Twsp, NJ (Possession of CDS Marijuana/Failure to appear) Bail $1,000.00

  • David Martinez, 34, N. Laurel St Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Marijuana)

  • Omar Baker, 35, Tipps Trailer Park, Fairfield Twsp, NJ (Failure to appear) Bail $500.00

  • Jermie Cheeks, 24, Terrace St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear/Possession of CDS/Marijuana) Bail $ NONE

  • Amber Dickerson, 23, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $525.00

  • Christopher Dickerson, 24, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $350.00

  • Raylissa Dickerson, 46, Cohansey Street Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute/Crack Cocaine)

  • George Davidson, 42, Steinfield Ave Pittsgrove Twsp, NJ (Failure to Appear 3cts) Bail $1,717.00

  • Paul Willoughby, 36, Stewart Lane Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear 2cts) Bail $1,689.00

  • Steven Gould, 33, Church St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $250.00 (Posted)

  • Kolleft Busby, 20, Marion St Bridgeton, NJ (Failure to Appear) Bail $83.00

  • Jerome Forrest, 26, Meadow Dr Bridgeton, NJ (Possession of CDS/Possession with Intent to Distribute/Ecstasy/Failure to appear) Bail $20,000.00

The following Police Agencies participated in this effort and for that, we thank you all for an outstanding job!

New Jersey State Police – New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice – Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office – Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

Vineland Police – Millville Police – Bridgeton Police

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